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Here at Big Yaad we offer living arrangements for six residents divided amongst four bedrooms. Two of which are private while the other two rooms are semi-private. Each room has its own closet for ample storage for each resident. Rooms are furnished with individually mounted T.V for entertainment and are brightly illuminated with smart dimmable lights perfect enough for a late-night novel. Residents will feel right at home with our strong Wi-fi for their internet browsing and convenience. An 83" Smart T.V equipped with a D.V.D player and Nintendo Switch for interactive leisure.

Image by Sean Thomas

Health and Wellness


Health and wellness is particularly important and essential to every aspect of our lives. By ensuring our residents are eating the right foods and exercising regularly, we can ensure that their minds, bodies and spirits will remain strong throughout their lifespans. Maintaining healthy habits can also help reduce the risk of chronic diseases as well as offer benefits such as improving their quality of life, preventing social isolation, boosting cognitive functions, encouraging independence and overall promoting of emotional health.

Our Staff


With 24hr care spread across reliable caregivers and medical attendants, we provide the day-to-day personal attention each individual resident requires. Assistance with the activities of daily living includes bathing, toileting, dressing and mobility. Other duties include but are not limited to care coordination, medical management, nutritious meals three times a day, social activities and outings, transportation, housekeeping and laundry.

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